Train Smarter, Race Faster, Recover Better

This course will help you turn your body into an efficient fuel burning endurance machine.

You will have more energy and be able to recover better from hard workouts.

You will know how to fuel properly to crush your long runs and avoid bonking in races.

You'll know how to beat the heat by training properly in hot weather and avoid getting overly dehydrated.

You'll save money by knowing which supplements are useful and backed by science to improve both health and performance.

You'll get over 200 recipes including plant based meals so your eating can be both nutritious AND delicious.

The PB Nutrition Course will improve your nutrition so you can train smarter, recover better, stay healthy and race faster.

End the confusion

Having worked with hundreds of clients over my 24 years in fitness, I know nutrition is one of the most confusing and frustrating subjects for many people. 

Simple to understand

While I go over some basic science in the course I know you're not looking to complete a PhD in nutrition. The information is simple and straight forward with the goal being to make it easy to understand. 

Easy to implement

Improving your nutrition relies on implementing the information you have. This course breaks things down to simple actions you can take right away to begin eating better to get faster, fitter and healthier.


masters age cyclist

"What a difference from taking Curb's nutrition course. Aside from dropping a good amount of weight...I never feel depleted, ride stronger and more consistent."

"definitely a turning point!"

You will learn how to...

Fuel better

Take the guess work out of knowing how to fuel your workouts and races. You'll also learn how to eat before and after training to maximize performance & recovery. 

Get leaner  

If your goal is to lose weight you will know how to do it sustainably and without compromising your training or racing. No fad diets will be found here. 

Hydrate properly

Don't let dehydration ruin your race or training session. Understand how to drink for the hot conditions to perform your best. 

Supplement wisely

Don't waste your money on supplements that don't work. I believe in a food first approach but sometimes supplements can help 

PB Nutrition Course

A focus on:

Short lessons

Easy to use


This self paced course can be access on any computer or device. The focus is on easy implementation so you know what to do and can improve your nutrition right away.

Future updates or additions to the course are included in the price. 

- Videos

- Guide books

- 18 Recipe books

- Female athlete module

- 50+ athlete module

- Much more!

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Happy Clients

The first time I met with Curb to discuss nutrition, I learned more about nutrition than I had in learned through reading numerous books.

Monte O

Masters Age Cyclist

With Curb’s guidance, I have improved my body composition and most importantly, I feel more energetic during my training.

Michelle B

Boston marathon qualifier

Curb had me start to fine tune my nutrition. It was great to not only did achieve, but well surpassed my race expectations!

Colleen L

TransRockies Run finisher

bonus features

In addition to learning how to eat better before, during and after training more resources are also included to help you improve your nutrition. 

Nutrition For Female Athletes

Women have unique needs and this lesson will show you how to meet those with nutrition.

Nutrition For 50+ Year Olds

Learn how to use nutrition to maintain performance and offset the effects of aging.

Recipe Books

Over 270 recipes including plant based recipes to make healthy eating delicious as well as nutritious. 

Food prep & cooking skills guides

Learn how to prep your meals like a boss and improve your skills in the kitchen to take control over your nutrition. 

Course Creator

Curb is a sports nutritionist, running coach and strength & conditioning coach with over 20 years experience working with clients of all levels.

He has helped runners, cyclists and triathletes reach personal bests, complete bucket list races and improve their body composition.