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Do you feel stuck with your current training program? Are you confused about all the conflicting dietary advice you hear on social media? Are you coming back from an injury and done with rehab but unsure of how to proceed to get back to your previous fitness level?

For running and fitness enthusiasts who don’t need full on coaching but need quick help, the micro-coaching call is the perfect solution.

Get expert advice from a strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist with 23 years experience who’s helped hundreds of people continue to do what they love without sustaining injury.

A 30-minute coaching call will give you clarity on your next steps to progress toward your fitness and health goals. You will get practical advice on what to do that is based in science and how to apply it to real world situations.

You will have a video or voice call via Zoom. The call will be recorded so you can keep a copy for future reference.

The procedure is simple.

1. Pay via secure checkout.

2. You will receive a link to book your call time.

3. You will provide some background information about your situation prior to your call.

4. Have you call with Curb.

5. Crush your fitness goals!


For running and fitness enthusiasts who want help to get fitter, stronger and leaner so they can continue to do what they love without sustaining injury.

Working with runners, triathletes, cyclists, hikers, golfers, tennis players, skiers and other fitness enthusiasts Curb has helped hundreds of people get better at their favorite sports and activities.

Think of me as your fitness concierge providing you with qualified advice to give you clarity and confidence on how to proceed toward your goals.

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