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Exceed Your Expectations & Avoid Past Mistakes

A coach will help you avoid common pitfalls and help you balance your training needs along with other responsibilities such as family and work.

My coaching is:

Program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Adjustments are made as necessary. 

Time Efficient

Follow training and nutrition practices that get you the most out of your limited training time.

Results Driven

I've worked with thousands of people in various settings over 20+ years. Examples of client results

'Running coaches are just for fast runners aren’t they? I’m not good enough to have a coach. I don’t have enough time to do all the running a coach would want me to do.’

That’s exactly how I felt but hiring Curb was a fantastic decision. Not only has it improved my running and helped me avoid injuries, it’s also given me a way to better understand myself, how I choose to deal with setbacks and trust in my abilities to adapt, persevere and recover on so many levels.

If you’re thinking about a coach, go for it. It can be so much more than just a training program.


- april v e

Coaching can help you if...

You want to hit a PB or Qualifying Time

Get specific programming to help you move up to a new race distance, hit a PB for a specific race ormeet a qualifying time for an event. 

You're coming back from injury

You need help bridging the gap from rehab to regular training and need a coach who understands how to communicate with therapists, doctors and other medical professionals.

You have competing goals 

You might be confused on how to lose weight without compromising training or race performance. Or how to build muscle while still running. 

You're new to running or other Endurance sports

You're not sure how to train for running, cycling, triathlon or any other endurance based sport. 


What suits you best

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