A Simple System to Gain More Energy, Train Hard, Recover Better and Feel Good!

Unlock the power of nutrition to take your performance and health to the next level.

The Eat Like an Athlete program is one of the quickest and simplest ways to improve your nutrition living the hectic and busy life that you face in your mid-40's and beyond.

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Group Coaching for Individual Results

This eight week online coaching program is delivered in a group format. But you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and learn how to customize your nutrition to suit your lifestyle and food preferences. You will have the accountability and support of both a coach and your group to reach your goals.  

Use Nutrition for Maximum Metabolic Effect

  • Learn how to eat for sustained energy throughout the day and to power your workouts.
  • Teach your body to burn both fats AND carbs efficiently during training. 
  • Structure your nutrition to help your body burn fat while maintaining muscle.

What's possible with the Eat Like an Athlete program?

Increased Energy

Learn how to eat for more sustained energy day to day. 

Better Workouts

Power your workouts with better nutrition.

Improved Recovery

Sleep better and recover from training faster.

Personalized Nutrition

Know how to adapt the program to your individual lifestyle and tastes. 


You know it's gets harder to even maintain your fitness and health, let alone improve, as you enter your late 40's, 50's and beyond. There are so many pressures on your time and energy. Family, work, social commitments and other influences all compete for your attention.

In this stage of life you feel more tired, you don't sleep as well and your training may not be as fun or energetic as it once was.

You can maintain a decent level of training but you let your nutrition slip as you don't want one more thing to worry about on your plate. You may find yourself snacking more or feel like you're going from feast to famine.

You'll go from not eating all day as you're running around trying to get everything done on your to do list to being ravenous. Your workouts suffer because you haven't fueled properly.

Sleep and recovery are your two main recovery mechanisms. You may find yourself more sore from your training than you were in the past because your recovery is compromised.

You can do all the foam rolling, ice baths and stretching in the world but if these two things are lacking you won't recover as well from training which leads to decreased performance and can actually increase your risk of injury!

Improving your nutrition is one of the quickest and simplest ways to improve your recovery, get better results from your training and feel younger.

You can regain some of the energy you may have lost, continue to make gains in your fitness and feel better.

Having looked at the food logs of hundreds of clients I know many people struggle to eat in the best way to support their fitness goals. In some cases they don't know what to do.

But even in cases where they know what to do, they still don't make the changes they want or these changes don't stick.

The Eat Like an Athlete program will show you how to apply science-based nutrition to fit your lifestyle. You will make the changes you need in a step by step fashion so they are long lasting and keep getting you results for a lifetime.

You don't need to give up your favourite foods, follow an overly restrictive diet or depend on willpower to make these changes. This program isn't based on fad diets or the latest trends on social media.

You'll have a knowledgeable and experienced coach in your corner along with your group peers to keep you accountable and give you support.

Eat Like an Athlete

Each week you'll have a conference call with the group to watch Coach Curb's presentation of the weekly topic followed by Q&A. You'll also receive all the handouts and be able to watch recordings of the seminar. In addition you'll get immediate access to the PB Nutrition Course with all the resources in it (all the Guidebooks, Recipe Books. Calculators for Macros, Hydration and more).

Hi, I'm Coach Curb

I'm a sports nutritionist and strength & conditioning coach who's worked with thousands of clients to improve their performance and their health.

As a 56 year old wanting to stay fit and lean, I understand the challenges people face trying to balance their training & nutrition with family, work and other responsibilities. 

What a difference from taking Curb's nutrition course. I dropped a good amount of weight but I never feel depleted, ride stronger and more consistent.

G.B. Cyclist

Curb had me start to fine tune my nutrition. It was great to not only did achieve, but well surpassed my race expectations!

C.L. Trail runner

The first time I met with Curb to discuss nutrition, I learned more about nutrition than I had in learned through reading numerous books.

M. O. Clyclist

The Program Includes

Access to the PB Nutrition Course
($127 value)
Weekly video conference call
Support & Accountability

What makes this program different

This is a group coaching format but you will have a lot of opportunity to have your individual questions answered so you can adapt the program to your life. 

Coaching is a two way street and requires your participation. While I have science based information I want to share, you will have input into what we cover in the program. The first week of the program we'll uncover your biggest challenges and questions around nutrition.

I'll make sure these are addressed during the program so you leave knowing exactly what to do to customize nutrition for your lifestyle, needs and preferences. I've been coaching people for 24 years, I don't expect everyone to eat the same foods or have the same lifestyle.

The "secret" to long term success is knowing how to adapt a program to fit YOUR unique circumstances and not try to make you fit to the program.

To improve your performance and healthy you know you need to make changes to what you're doing. I will show you how to make those changes simply so they are sustainable and can be maintained for long after the eight weeks is finished.

Plus you'll have your fellow group members to support you and help keep you accountable.

Launch Price Until May 6 Only!

Training with Curb has been a real eye-opener for me - even as a 'weekend warrior' event participant! 

From how I think about myself and my training, to making sure my event nutrition sets me up for success, he has been a real asset! I wouldn't have been able to do the events that I have been able to without his help.

K.L., adventure racer

I had thought my nutrition as an endurance athlete was pretty good but with Curb’s guidance, I have learned so much more regarding how to properly balance macros for fueling and recovery. 

I have seen significant changes to my body composition, I have lost some weight and most importantly, I feel more energetic during my training.

M.B., marathoner

Have more energy, feel better & get leaner with a simple nutrition system.

You're in good company

I've worked with thousands of clients over his 24 year career. The last 4 years I've coached hundreds of clients online to improve their nutrition to race faster, feel more energized, sleep better, lose fat and build muscle. He knows how to implement the necessary changes into a busy lifestyle without overwhelming you.