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Curb Ivanic has been my run coach for several years and coached me to three marathons. I have been able to take off almost 30 minutes from my marathon time finally qualifying for Boston in 2021. I've also seen significant race improvements in my half marathon and shorter distance races.

Curb is an excellent coach who cares about his clients. He has coached me carefully through injury and is always available to answer my questions or to check-in.

I had thought my nutrition as an endurance athlete was pretty good but with Curb’s guidance, I have seen significant changes to my body composition, I have lost some weight and most importantly, I feel more energetic during my training.

I would highly recommend Curb as a coach to both experienced endurance athletes or anyone wanting to reach a specific goal. 

Michelle B ‧ Boston Marathon Qualifier


Masters Age Cylist

What a difference from taking Curb's nutrition course. Aside from dropping a good amount of weight the biggest thing I notice is how much less calories I need to onboard during longer workouts. I never feel depleted, ride stronger and more consistent. I just did a 6:20 190km race (which is longest by over 2 hours) taking in 35% calories burned, felt solid throughout and was eating during the last hour as insurance/because I had the food with me! My watts/kg have increased 13% from where I finished last season. Definitely a turning point! 

'Running coaches are just for fast runners aren’t they? I’m not good enough to have a coach. I don’t have enough time to do all the running a coach would want me to do.’

That’s exactly how I felt but hiring Curb was a fantastic decision. Not only has it improved my running and helped me avoid injuries, it’s also given me a way to better understand myself, how I choose to deal with setbacks and trust in my abilities to adapt, persevere and recover on so many levels.

If you’re thinking about a coach, go for it. It can be so much more than just a training program.

April V E ‧ Multiple TransRockies & Transalpine finishes, ultrarunner 

Monte O

Masters Age Cyclist

In the times that I worked with Curb, I realized excellent results in not only my fitness but also my body composition. Interestingly, the first time I met with Curb to discuss nutrition, I learned more about nutrition than I had in learned through reading numerous books. 

One of the greatest challenges I had with my cycling was a lack of endurance on long rides. Through some experimentation, he was able to provide me with guidance on carb and calorie consumption during these rides. It is no longer the problem that it once was.

I’ve run 10+ half marathons and finally took the jump to the marathon distance when I found out I️ got into the NYC Marathon. After chatting with Curb, I️t was clear that he was my key to a healthy, fun, and best possible marathon experience. Together we discussed goals, expectations and what would be my best path to success. He then created a training plan that fit with my busy work and life schedule while also giving me my best shot at reaching my goals (sub 4hr). Throughout the training block we constantly touched base, tinkered the training plan based on results, and even covered nutrition strategies. He was there for me all along the way, with quick reply’s and phone calls he answered all my questions and listened to my performance feedback. Come race week, we made a race plan that was key to me making my goal time. NYC Marathon complete in under 4 hours- mission accomplished and I️ could not have done it without Coach Curb! If you’re ready to improve your running or focus in on your next big race, I️ highly recommend getting Curb on your side!

Evan Moore ‧ Owner FitFirst Footwear, founder FitFirst Run Club

Rick W

Masters Age Cyclist

Curb and Victoria, I wanted to report to you my results in the Whistler Gran Fondo as you two were a considerable help in my being able to achieve much more than what I thought possible. In the 2017 Fondo I was 7:24:58, in last year’s 7:18:04. This year my goal was to get under 7:00, with a target finish of 6:58.

I officially finished in 6:31:09 which far exceeded my expectations. The improvement in finishing time was due improved conditioning (May-Aug 2600+ kms of riding with lots of vertical), plus strength and hr/cadence work. So you two can take a bow.

As a long time athlete that was new to running, I needed help and Curb was great. He provided me with a training plan customized to me, my goals and my schedule…with prompt adjustments when needed along the way, and also provided me with additional guidance on everything I needed along the way including in relation to each race I did and injuries that came up from time to time.

Although Curb wasn’t there running with me in person, the fact that I was following the plan he developed for me always kept me motivated and training as hard as if he was right there with me.  I’d recommend Curb to any one who wants some experienced help to achieve their running goals.

Jason B ‧ Trail runner

Mike C

Masters Age Cyclist

I am a passionate cyclist whose goal is to compete with success in my age category in Gran Fondos. I have had some injuries in the past and have been working with Curb to establish a proper strength and conditioning program. He has coordinated these with my physiotherapist to ensure that they are consistent with the exercises he has recommended.

Curb has also given me a training schedule focusing on proper recovery periods and different intensities appropriate for my particular needs. The results have been amazing as I have managed to increase power without increasing the intensity of my rides. Curb is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and I look forward to many more years of training with him!

I am a personal trainer and a competitive athlete. I work hard and am very motivated to do well in my athletic endeavours. However, when it came time to training for the Transrockies 3 day, 95km run I needed help. 

After listening to my concerns, Curb set up my training plan.  He sent me weekly workouts, with the expectation that I communicate with him daily about my training.

Curb then was able to adjust my schedule and give me feedback as I needed it.  I was typically running alone and having to run long and hard and there were many days I did not want to run up mountains.  Knowing I had to check in with Curb, gave me the oomph to get out there!  On the days I could not get out he gave me the confidence that it was okay to miss a workout and that we were still well within attaining our longterm goals.  

Closer to the event Curb had me start to fine tune other aspects of the race such as nutrition and helped me set realistic goals.   It was great to be able to text him from Colorado stating not only did I achieve, but well surpassed our expectations!  

As someone who is fairly experienced in training and racing, I felt it was very worthwhile to have an objective opinion about my training plan and ongoing support. Training is hard work and you quickly realize how great it is to have someone as compassionate, realistic and knowledgeable as Curb to consult with on a regular basis.

Colleen L ‧ TransRockies finisher, personal trainer, nutritionist

Eight years ago I set a goal of running a marathon. After four stress fractures and a ridiculous number of torn muscles while trying to do this on my own, today I achieved my goal and to boot, not a bad finish time of 3:52! Thank you Andre for being my rock and big thank you Curb – I couldn’t have done this without your coaching and guidance!

Zoe I ‧ Marathon finisher

Big shout out to coach Curb Ivanic and Fortius Centre who guided me to some big PB’s this year. It’s fun being newer to the sport and being able to see huge improvements as the seasons pass while being injury free!

Matt L ‧ Marathon finisher

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