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Run Stronger & Avoid Injury by Eating Better

Proper nutrition is a cornerstone of performance and health. The Personal Best Nutrition Course 2.0 covers everything you need including fueling for races, eating for weight loss, supplements for improved health and more!

Course opens March 2023!

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Coach & Founder

Curb Ivanic, MS, CSCS

Welcome to Core Running! 

I'm the creator of this site and have been working with athletes from recreational level to professional for almost 25 years. While I work primarily with runners I've also helped cyclists and triathletes to personal best performances.

I understand the challenges of trying to push your limits while also having the responsibilities of work and family. Sometimes it can be a tricky balancing act but I can help you reach your athletic goals while still being an involved parent and high achieving career professional. Click Here for My Bio

Michelle B,

Boston Qualifier

Curb is an excellent coach who cares about his clients.

Thanks to Curb’s coaching, I have been able to take off almost 30 minutes from my marathon time and have seen significant race improvements in my half marathon and shorter distance races.

back story

Core Running started as a way to help runners stay healthy to enjoy running for a lifetime. 

Through one-on-one coaching, clinics, seminars and digital products I can help you achieve top performance without sacrificing your health.

I've worked with various organizations to provide clinics, in-service workshops for staff and camps. Major media outlets have sought out my expertise for news stories and articles. 

Check out my services page to learn more.

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My work is based around these principles:
Results Driven

Working with hundreds of clients over 20+ years I've learned how to apply the science to real world conditions. Read more.

Time Efficient

Save time by following training and nutrition practices that get you the most out of your limited training time. 


My programs are individualized to suit your needs and circumstances for best results.

Science Based

You won't find fad diets or "influencer" programs here. Science based principles form the basis of my programs & courses.  

 What you'll get 

How I Can Help You

  • Online Coaching

  • Gait Assessment

  • PB  Nutrition Course

  • Speaking & Clinics

Preparing for a race? Struggling with recurring injuries? Need to meet a qualifying time? My online coaching helps you get ready with personalized training and nutrition. With frequent monitoring the plan is adjusted to match your current situation and adapt if conditions change. More details

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Don't make the mistake of "over recovering" and negating the benefits of your training.  

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NYC Marathon complete in under 4 hours- mission accomplished and I️ could not have done I️t without Coach Curb!!

If you’re ready to improve your running or focus in on your next big race, I️ highly recommend getting Curb on your side!!

Evan M

FitFirst Footwear owner

You...were a considerable help in my being able to achieve much more than what I thought possible. In the 2017 Whistler Gran Fondo I was 7:24:58, in last year’s 7:18:04. This year my goal was to get under 7:00, with a target finish of 6:58.
So I officially was 6:31:09 which far exceeded my expectations. 

Rick W

M75+ Age group cyclist

As a long time athlete that was new to running, I needed help and Curb was great.  

He provided me with a training plan customized to me and also provided me with additional guidance on everything I needed along the way.

Jason B

novice trail runner

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